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I think I beat Jamamma to the punch line...

I just joined this community because well I know Jamamma, but not really just that, this world is corrupt, and as part of the forthcoming generation I believe that I need to help strive to make this world a better place for everyone in the world, or in Jamamma's own words - ANARCHY - though I do not necessarily consider myself anarchist, I'm not technically against it either.


As long as it isn't a rightist dictatorship or G.W. Bush Jr - i'm pretty much open to change in society that doesn't purely benefir the ruling class because there are people out there who slave over their work to make just ends meet, and governments supported by right wing dictatorship or AND oil companies do not really care for the people that support their fat lazy asses. *coughcoughcough* Iraq=oilwar *cougcoughcough* yeah I think that this is a community that I'm going to like, and the such...hopefully I did Jamamma justice in writing a nice post here.

P.S. (BTW Jamamma - writing this post made me feel sort of like Ehlana, if you know what I mean;)
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